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14 Jul

Acting in the times of Covid

Wow what I ride. LOOK I got Covid-married!  Cher and I, who have hung during isolation, small group things with social distancing, pose for this picture for an audition.  Good things came out of it. I’m getting new head  shots because of talking to representation. That’s all very exciting. Unnerving and very time consuming BUT I am down! Down for it! Down to work! Down to do this thing and talk about doing this thing!  (not that I’m an all talk no do kind of guy but spent so much time planning out re-inventing my acting career it’s nice to actually move forward!!!) I finished the outline for Sex int he Time of Covid, wow it’s some funny shit! I wan tit ti be really good but also don’t want it to be a brain wrecker, I mean it’s just supposed to be fun and a way for me to process my frustration….. in a healthy way, the way i plan on working thru some stuff privately soon, but all that pent up stuff leads to really funny dialogue!!!! I’d like to shoot around my B-day. We shall see?? I wrote out a business plan and it was really helpful. Like what’s going on, where and I going how do I get there?? I also, inadvertently, made a list of all I had already going  business wise. That was extremely empowering. You forget how much you know, ya know? All you’ve already got lined up in your arsenal! It is SO fucking easy to operate from a position of lack. It doesn’t serve you. ANYWAY 2020 is brightening up just as we re-enter lockdown. Coincidence or just hard-work and constructive thinking? Peace my friends.

I call this Lost at Home Depot:

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