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15 Aug

‘nother trip round the ole sun

Well suffice to say this birthday was not one for the books. Unless the book is being published in the bowls of hell by a bag of dicks. Big Bear was much needed. Sort of grounded me. Let’s be honest: life is hard right now. For the entire world. Like everyone. BUT with all my blessings I’m still trying to be positive and empowered. New headshots! BAM! They’re kind of intense but that’s apparently what I got to sell so hook-me-up! I kind of feel all Shakespearean in this one How dost the time flieth my lord? Had a few auditions on zoom, that was a learning curve. But the more I do the better I get at it. I remember saying back in the day acting is the easy part everything else is a bitch.  I finished, sort of, Sex in the Time of Covid. It’s funny but don’t think I’m gonna do it? It’s not just because it’s super graphic, it’s also cause I’m not sure what I’m adding to the world. Ya know? Like funny is good and people need to laugh but after reading it I was sort of like Ok but what are you saying about life? Love? Responsibility? HAD HUGE break through with new solo show. But now ‘m like huh maybe it’s a webseries……it’s kind of like Half Tongue Tribe (the film I outlined not my band)  and Drink Fek Fight and Seer Seen might all kind of be the same project which makes absolutely no sense because they’re all so thematically different. even in genre, BUT there’s thread I’m pulling….. I’ll let you know!

Reading books on Druidism is really hard. Just putting this note here so when I look back and read this I’ll laugh.

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