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24 Sep

Try to remember a kind of September…..

WOW I got busy! Auditions are easier because you don’t have to drive to the west side BUT zoom-auds suck. They expect a  lot and it’s hard to read the room when you can’t see anyone. BUT I’m glad for it and grateful. We opened Alfresco! SO MUCH WORK! Pic below. But it is nice to see money go INTO my bank account! LOL And of course working with my buds is the best. We have too much fun. I knew I missed everyone but had no idea how MUCH!! Ok down to business I finished the outline to Seer. OMGs it’s so goooooood. Some of the characters are based on people in my acting class. It has a huge over arc and then 2 nice character switcheroos  and then monster/crisis of the episode type of thing. We shall see if I shoot it. I’d love to but I haven’t been this broke since I moved to LA!!!! Remember that? UGH We are late for our HTT video. But we have time! I just gotta get on it. Alfresco and Kageno’s harmabee was a lot to do at the same time. I am tiiiired. (But it was cool having Dylan McDermott, Minnie Driver and Meryl Streep say my lines!) Final note I wrote a 2 page scene for acting class movie challenge. Oddly, well probably not oddly, I made the scene I improv’d for Complete History of Drag, when everyone learns of her death. It’s sweet and sad and funny. Go on now. Oh and final final I had dental surgery pic of aftermath:


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