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29 Jan

2020 and we’re seriously this time!

I am using this picture form our video for Half Tongue Tribe because I hope it scares the HEL out of any new potential hackers. I will hex you.

I try to not hate the internet but man my site was hacked to death! (some of it my fault) and was down for 5 months! SO much has been going on! I’ll do a more expansive post BUT for now here’s the quicky catch up (before I go to Vegas to watch Super Bowl with Mom)

AN ELF TO LIVE FOR– self-published BAM! HALF TONGUE TRIBE debut Album “All Acts of Joy…” Recorded BAM! Release date March 19th BAM! No Room for Shakespeare– rewrite is done and amazing trying to book it this fall! BAM!! Stared new book 5,00 words a day BAM! called Folly’s War…so much fun writing this one! Even made my first map (it’s really bad) BAM!!! Applying for fringes for Complete History if Drag in a Few Mo-mo will be a bam when we get it so Pre-Bam! Been putting together reel and headshots for Actor Attack 2020 Bam! Finally understand what my next solo show is actually about Bam Bam!! Lars and I might rewrite Cash Masters! AND I’m co-inventing Witch-Yoga Nama-BAM-sté!!!! Oh and i made the best lemon chicken of my life in my dutch oven bam. So yea a lot happening in DLB-land. Will be more specific soon, now that this freaking site is back up and seems to be working! Back to life back to reality!

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