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22 Nov

Whine instead of wine for once

I am going to try and be empowered about this… I am going to try to see silver linings and not get angry and defeated BUT DAMN my site went down again! HACKED! All of them! Which means I lost a few entries here because yes even the backups went down. And I have some idea about what I wrote but not enough to repeat them.. Do people keep logs of all their posts? That seems counter-intuitive??? If this keep happening do I just stop or is there some magical way to keep everything. At first they told me I lost all of it! ALL OF IT! Imagine a decade of posting gone!!! SO yes, I suppose it could be much worse but fuck that! It still sux AND I lost all of Bard of Yore. And to b honest I don’t remember everything i did! I remember struggling with the design.I remember sort of writing cute things about cheese. I remember a relief when it was done enough for me to focus on the cheese and not the site! Hours of work. I opened my computer just now at Kaldi and wanted to cry in public.

2 things. One: it’s a shakedown. It’s organized crime digitally. One cubicle sits a nerd creating maleware and scams and hacks and the guy next to hims sells you a service that stop them. It’s so obviously bullshit. I mean no one NO ONE wants to hack my site for real! What are they gonna get? An idea for a script? Better story resolution? How is this not protected. There is literally no where to turn unless you have a few hundred dollars a month! It’s a shakedown.

Two: Do these horrible people know what a few hours means to me? To artists? To people trying to carve time and energy out of their lives to make art/ or to contribute? I am supposed to be rounding out an outline for a new novel but I’m here trying to not be upset about this BULLSHIT and trying to not just close the computer and go home and say fuck it. It’s so hard to not say fuck it! The uphill battle. The doing it to do it. The fuck everything is exhausting and you hack me? Another asshole trying to tear me down. To waste my time. To stop me! To tell me to go to bed and be a good buy so i can get fucked later when it’s convenient for you! Fuck you and that. There I had to put all that anger somewhere. so here it is.

The photo above is of me being empowered.

David LeBarron
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