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29 Jan

2020 and we’re seriously this time!

I am using this picture form our video for Half Tongue Tribe because I hope it scares the HEL out of any new potential hackers. I will hex you.I try to not hate the internet but man my site was hacked to death! (some of it my fault) and was down for 5 months! SO much has been going on! I'll do a more expansive post BUT for now here's the quicky catch up (before I go to Vegas to watch Super Bowl with Mom)AN ELF TO LIVE FOR- self-published BAM! HALF TONGUE TRIBE debut Album "All Acts of Joy...
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18 May

Brace for reviews!

See what I did there with brace-lets???? I am so Wonder Woman! I am currently spinning! And not to transform into a powerful Amazon, because let’s face it I already am one! No I’m spinning and leaping and smiling from two great reviews! I know. I know. One should not need outside or critic/s praise to validate them artistically! BUT still, a nice review is a great feeling. AND I do need pulls for when I take this show on even more roads! The two so far came from the Orlando Weekly an the Orlando Sentinel

”an energetic and entertaining piece of theater whose greatest achievement might be shedding light on an unsung part of history without feeling like a lecture. You’ll laugh throughout but a little while afterward, you might find yourself contemplating how marginalized groups are left out of the “official” historical record. And you’ll certainly tip the next time you’re at a drag show.”

“Fabulously Fierce. Mo-mo is an enlightening and entertaining introduction to a topic deserving of more attention”

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