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6 Feb

Ok that sucked

So last Saturday 28th sucked beyond the telling and yet here I am telling it. It was probably the scariest night of my life in a looooong time! It ended up only (only?) being a viral infection but trust when i say I thought I was dying. Chris thought I was dying. The entire ER crew thought I was dying. I collapsed after a nap, who does that? with intense vertigo and nausea and grossness. Oddly, I have been working with Marc on Mo-mo and we’ve been talking about facing with your own mortality.

I smugly thought “dude I got the AIDs” and have lost a whole bunch of folks to the epidemic I have faced my mortality. I was so fucking wrong! I wont be one of those actors who turn tragedy into an acting exercise but DAMN! I was reading online and people were like after I almost died I started really writing, what was really important changed…well as we al know I write all the time and have dealt a lot with what is important to me as an artist. HAs it change me? Probably. Not sure how. I’m putting this post here to remind me. Maybe in a few weeks or years I’ll figure it out.

BTW Chris has tape on his face to cheer me up. That’s what friends do. Put tape on their faces

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