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19 Jan

The Center of me

So at this class at Greenman we talked about “what’s the center of your universe?” In this case it had to do with magick and spell-crafting, (ok let it go, it’s cool if you think this stuff is nuts because it is, stay on subject), the instructor was basically saying it’s hard to do a money spell when $$ isn’t the center of your universe. Single-minded intent. If family or love is the center of your universe it’s hard to make cash your most important intent. OK what does this have to do with art? Dude, what’s at the center of my universe? Last night, in the above photo, I helped coordinate a poster painting party for anti-orange guy and the Women’s march. Things I feel strongly about. Compassion. Kindness. Education. Civil Liberties and Human Rights. Here lies the center of my universe It’s so obvious that so much of my work is about these things and that makes me real fucking happy. I might even be able to sleep tonight pre-inauguration. I love my country enough to let it make mistakes and help fix them. Hard but possible. Just as I’v never been the kind of guy that money was most important to, and duh I got so little 🙂 , but I am the sort of bloke who doesn’t give up on love or acts of kindness. If compassion is your way then it is the only way. And also, of course, this:

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