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11 Jul

July is weird

julyJuly is weird. It always is for me. Typically the first half of the year I am SO productive but then summer hits and I get all blah nah whatever. Maybe it’s the weather. I mean it is friggin hot in LA!!! But this year I am trying something new: I am trying to be ok with my mood and chill-nees. I am tryuing to not beat myself up and say: do more work harder. I think that only leads to frustration. I mean come on t’s not like I’m a slacker I wrote Dandy and the queen for the 10 minutes fest, I finished and edited 3 numbers and Mo-mo. I did video for June 4th 3F show. I have to learn to respect the process and not push the process. I have this cool idea about a unicorn boy…and I really need to do something filmy!!! Maybe Knot now? maybe something easier???? Or at least shorter. Haven’t done film in like what 3 years?? Uhg!!!! I want to revisit LeBarronisms but I have to wait till my summer slacker goes away!!! 🙂

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