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16 Aug

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So here’s me at Hobbit Restaurant and below is me as a cop model (she fattened me up, swear!). August has proven to be fun (more fun than fucking July) and again I find myself at more crossroads and unsure steps. I love 3 Numbers. I will rewrite but need more time to feel it out, how it can go or where it needs to wander. If you remember that fucking play almost killed me I can’t imagine how I’m going to survive the rewrite. When I get dark…. On a lighter note: Marc Silvia is directing me in Mo-mo. So lovely. I am so thrilled to be putting this show on it’s…heels? I also really want to do some film. I have a few arty ideas like Knot Now and Blue poem, BUT, I think, between Louis re-editing HH and Off Stage On I can really make a continuable product. God that sounded weird but you know what I mean. I miss video work. I think I burned out on it a few years ago after Wicca so now maybe I’m ready to shoot some shit! I just can’t make the same mistakes. And that’s the hard part. Same with 3 Numbers. Think through David, carry the idea to its logical conclusion and alternatives. I’m really glad I started reading Entrepreneur magazine but come on 🙂 ha ha I’m off for a little desert time. Perhaps all the answers will come…or perhaps I’ll bliss out and not care, which is an answer too. Peace.

Oh did i tell you I started writing a weight loss book? I know, I am ridiculous. I’m only doing it for me……

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