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25 Sep

Getting to know you….

The naming of cats is a… Oh god I quoted Cats! But in truth I never really know a character until I name them. I have been playing with Zucchini for a year or two and just started really getting to know who these people are/were/will be. It’s weird though, with so many characters naming is maybe easier? I have NO idea what will happen with this script BUT it and Mythic are vying for room in my brain. Since mythic is well.. mythic and epic I thought getting Zucchini out of the way would be easier. HA! on me!!! ALSO applying for festivals is boring and annoying. ALSO we all really want to do Achilles again! That would be so cool! Also also, I need to make a submission timeline for Third! I guess life is good just the same.

I am blessed every fucking day. I feel the climbing paying off.. we shall see. At times I don’t even know what that means 🙂 But I know i’m doing exactly what I want to be doing! And for that I am grateful. Isn’t every day another day to get to know you better? All the names i give myself. Some kind some not. I will be better at that. Right now? I’m a little tired and over worked, excited about desert property, and terrified of it, bored and annoyed at old enemies, making new buds, happy to be writing, frustrated with it, ya know.. life. Last night we did a ritual to be ok with the now. It made me realize how easily I can get frustrated and how that’s such a disservice to me and my work. Again: today I am different and the same and that person is not who I was yesterday and tomorrow he will be different.

OK this is childish but funny:

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