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21 Aug


SO my new play The Third is really friggin’ funny! We had a reading and it played SO MUCH better than I thought t would. Especially scene 8!! I was like wow I’m kind of a genius! Trust. Rewriting is upon me. I have a cool idea for scene 2 on cell phone. Shall see. I think it might be a good script to send out. A lot of my stuff read really well, like Achilles…WHICh we are taking to Hawaii maybe!!! Cross it all! I have been cleaning up scripts to send out. I have to stop hating stage directions. Ah oh well. I re-edited First Elders, The Fabulous Adirondacks, which I need to do another reading of, Achilles, and Mo-mo. And of course The Third. I almost sent out Faerie Love Lost, but I don’t think it’s a good read and it’s so dark! I think that’s a script some college will do someday. Oh also, Mythic is firming up! Fun! Don’t know if I can shoot it soon but maybe ALSO ALSO Zucchini outline is fierce! Just sayin’

David LeBarron
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