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20 Apr

almost mortal…almost

So I’m not in rehearsal or prepping for a rehearsal, performing or crashing after a show for the first time in YEARS!!! How does it feel? Weird. Terrible. Boring. and just a tad peaceful. Things are happening and not-happening. I did Charmed Vessels for the holidays and it was awesome, so I did my Etsy site, which sucks. I would never buy something like this online…without feeling it and holding it. I was gonna take it down but i think having that stuff online helps. Right? I will get off my ass and take some samples to local stores and see if that helps…it’s not that I don’t believe in the spells I guess I just don’t believe in the average consumer to get it.. and that sux. Achilles is dead in the water. UGH. That sux too. Too much, WAY too much to go into now but suffice to say it isn’t happening any time soon. That bummed me out more than I can ever explain. My car died. RIP Lady Royale! Palm Spring bailed on History of Drag. I know, batting 1,000 right? BUT in a sliver of cool the new artistic director might be interested in next year. It’s not like I’ll be too old for the role :))) I have to start over. We shall see.

Paris is the best part of 2018! Booked flights, Paris airbnb! Excited. Costume is no where near done. Pieces are arriving. I might have over estimated my sewing talent! It should be fun, certain friends not getting along not withstanding…we shall see (AGAIN) I am sure fun will be had.

The title is weird I should explain that. Not being in a show right now and not really writing anything specific is weird for me. OK OK I just finished the very LONG Cash Masters and am trying like fuck to finish one of these two Elven short stories like a nerd AND I am shooting some cozplay idea thingy… BUT, with the new job at Hunter and Charlies and working so many hours, for the first time in forever, I feel like a mortal/normal person who goes to work, eats, gets laid, and finds little time to write and has to be aware of funds all the time. I’ve even started watching a lot of Netflicks. Who am I? ha ha ha oh my…. Except as the pic shows I am still holding on to my Divine! Massaging Billy was fun and part of my calling. It reminds me to be of service and practice kindness. There’s this whole new 7 chakras every day thing I’m doing but wont explain here. It was nice. I am trying to find solace in not going 24-7. It’s hard for an hyper dude like me. Breathe Dave Breathe! Be still. WHo am I kidding??!?!? 🙂 OH and I might do a Patreon account.. we shall SEEEEEE!!!

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