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25 May

Oh this writer thing…….

Lord and Lady what a year. First off I have ben cold for like 8 months I put this here to remind me to not complain when the sun beats down 99 degrees on my bald head. Ok rant over! Next thing: I screwed it up! TOTALLY! UGH!! All I wanted to do was write porn. Like for real. Just do it! Write a little excerpt you might have read in Forum! I loved those so much! So I had a few ideas because well, I’m me I always have ideas. And my fantasy life is ridiculous. So I started to actually write one out, more than just a blurb or funny: one day…thing. Ya know, a freaking story. It was all hot and sexy and dirty and a bit more violent than I meant it to be.. but I just followed where my heart-on led. My 2k word little porn is like 30k and not finished. It has become a treatise on storytelling and character arc. WTF Why can’t I just write little toss off? And of course it’s nonlinear so there’s that too. UGH But NOW I have to finish it!!! I even came up with video marketing ideas and shoots. So over the top. Why LeBarron why!!! I’m also playing with this cosplay idea. Not sure where it’s going to go but it’s been fun. Just sort of playing and exploring. We shall see. I am also obsessed with the sissy sailor idea. I think it’d be a hoot for fringe. It’s Querelle meets Billy Budd possibly on Treasure Island. I have to do some re-reading. Please Gods don’t let it be a musical!!!

I was interviewed on being a queer witch, which was more work than it sounds! BUT I’e been wanting to do a solo show about it, so it was good practice to go over how I actually viewed my spirituality. It was cool. Every time i think of the solo show I see myself in rags being a charms dealer and telling fortunes to the audience. I know. I know. I’ve been craving doing some short film work I wrote a little piece about early Gods, new spins on stories but of course, being me, I made it too long. I’m still submitting The Third and The Fabulous Adirondacks. I view it as apart time job!!! which after getting anew part time job have come to realize part time jobs can blow! I’m kidding!


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