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27 Jun

Just another day

It is SO FREAKING weird not being in a show! If I wasn’t working part-time at the restaurant I think I’d go crazy! Oh no let’s go! Here’s me at Urban Social House for a day of writing. Odd thing: no idea what to write! I’m ready for my What make me Queer story tomorrow and still waiting for notes on my erotic novella and Paris is just around the corner OOOHH LALA! I’m thinking about making Drink Fek Fight super more gay. Also the Witch Tales (working title) is really forming up. Trying to figure out what the fuck to do with Complete History! Ok I know: I say I’m not working on anything and then list 10 things, but you now what I mean! It’s been a year since Dad died. I’ve been crying a lot. Landslide came on the radio and I lost t. Poor Chris and then last night Cyndi Lauper sang a song from Kinky Boots and then went into True Colors and poor Mike! This is a weird update BUT I didn’t wanna missJune. (and have zero good reasons why I wouldn’t have posted) Let’s say this: All is well.I have my health and creativity an amazing friends and new ideas everyday! Blessed being I am! (alla Yoda) OH I sold some spell jars to STRANGERS! How cool is that! they want more and the carrot book! Oh and I (prematurely) put out ads for models for the cover art of my book, which I think might be a short too! Ok I sound insane. 🙂

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