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6 Apr

Ahh rehearsal you beast!

2 weeks to Ft Lauderdale Fringe! It’s going really well, except for every once and a while when I think ‘who wrote this shit?’ 🙂 Last week we had that moment when we looked at each other and kind of went….hey this is really good. Wow! (it better be after this much work) AJ, me nephew, has been in town and is acting as Stage Manager. It’s good to hear someone laugh, although he has no idea half the time who I’m referencing. It saddens me he doesn’t know who Barbara Stanwyck or Rosalind Russell is, but then again, he refers to all these people I am clueless about. Which, if you think about it, is sort of the theme to the show, right?? BTW the above picture: Apparently this queen needs a sceptre!

David LeBarron
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