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11 Jul

You’ve got to pick a pocket….or not.

I saw 6-8 years olds doing Oliver! It was prob one of the cutest things EVER! They don’t so much tell the story as sing the songs well kind of run around and wave at the audience of parents. It takes about 35 minutes of joy. BUT as I’m sitting there I’m reminded what a great story Oliver Twist is AND how awesome the music from Oliver! is. (Don’t you love I feel compelled to add the exclamation point?) So the ole brain started a tickin’. And I came up with a fun musical concept where I could tell the story of Oliver! as a storyteller and use a bit of music from the show. Honestly I don’t know what age group would be appropriate cause it’s so dark…BUT I think it could be a lot of fun. Not tomorrow but down the road if the right opportunity came along. Or more likely, I made the opportunity present itself 🙂 Who knows? Just fun thoughts for now. (Oh and singing the score at the top of my voice has been the best part!) Omm pah pah That’s how it goes!

David LeBarron
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