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13 Dec

What is in a title?

Sometimes the title of something is super clear and duh like The Sex Life of Achilles. Other times I struggle forever or, even worse, I never find it and come up with something that works..or at least doesn’t suck. Other times, ok I’ll admit it, I am the only one who likes a title and everyone else is like CHANGE IT and I’m like NO! Cause although I take a lot of pride in my taking notes abilities sometimes I don’t agree. I guess that’s the upside of being a poor artist??? Ha! Anyway I LOVED the title 3 Numbers in the middle of Nowhere. But to be fair that was the title of a short film I was working on. The script changed so much! It no longer stars me (yet) and Lonn is a very different person than I am with different goals and baggage. So in the rewrite, that took months!, I had to change the name to change the play. IS that weird? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: The Fabulous Adirondacks

David LeBarron
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