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15 Feb

Sunrise Sunset Time heals

New site! WOW. Hopefully, it will be easy to use LOL. SO much happened this past change of light. Good things are happening. Apparently, thousands of people have read Jeremiah! or at least checked it out in KDP Library. That's so awesome. I mean I only made a few $$ but, as always, I just like that someone's reading it. I should have higher standards LOL  I finished FOlly's War! It's being copy-edited by Robbie right now. JP isn't well so I don't know how or where I'm going to get the cover art done but we shall see!!! Photoshoots soon! I love this part! I can't quite decide if I am starting Folly's Whim or Jeremiah: Keep on Sluttin'...
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13 Feb

Sacred is as sacred……..

We visited Temple of Goddess Spirituality, dedicated to Sekhmet! And WOW!

It was such a lovely day. A quick hour drive north from Vegas (where I met my Mom again for Super Bowl. FUN) and Laura and I found ourselves in a small desert area with an adobe temple atop a small hill. The area was carefully sculpted with trails and sitting areas. (There were lots of fire pits, but the temple is only open during the day so something happens at nights! I will find out!!!) The Temple itself was so lovingly displayed in made us cry. Statues of Gaia, the Virgin, Quan, Lakshimi and of course fierce feline warrior Sekhmet dominated a wall! What a force! We just don’t get to see things like this in America. (OK OK yes the Pieta and lots of hanging Jesus, sure. And some cool saints, but like this?) The Goddess! And not hidden or obscured. Boldly there saying Honor Me! I brought some prayers to say aloud from circle members as well as my own sacred speech in Her countenance. UHH can’t wait to go back!

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