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25 Mar

brand new day

WOW. A lot is happening. I might almost be sane. LOL. NEVER!!!! I finished Jeremiah. I know. I wrote a second novel while taking a break before editing the other one.  Folly’s War is pretty awesome but it’s also kinda dark and my heart just hasn’t been brave enough, recently. So I wrote a funny thing. HA!!!! Jeremiah: Magical Slut of Midgard is hysterical It made me laugh almost every day for the past month. And I really needed that. I’m gonna publish it for kicks. And maybe someone else wants to laugh??? I’ll post photos from the shoot with Joshua, soon. Daaaaang he’s handsome. I remained a professional!

When we were Faeries! Equinox was spent running around Descanso Gardens like faeries. It was a lark and a half! Much needed goofiness. Silliness is really underrated! Had an impromptu party last night. It’s important to celebrate. Now I just need to buy a ton of sage and get my head on straight…eerrr, queer? SO of course I started writing a short story about it.  Tales is coming along. I have shot like 6? so halfway done?  I’m a tad scattered but I think that just might be Spring doing her thing?! Blessings and stuff. Get it!



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