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20 Feb

Dreaming of a dry-eyed day

Been actively trying to cheer up, yea, it’s not working. LOL BUT I  don’t think it’s getting worse. Wow OK this wasn’t supposed to be a cry for help. It’s just all so much. I wish I could go away for a week and think. What’ this weird thing you call process? How dare you, Sir! Ok Let’s talk about the good shit. I finished FOlly’s War! I know, right? Fucking finally. Of course, now I have to edit, proofread, hate it and rewrite and love it.

Second book is shaping nicely in my brains. Am trying to not think about the book for a few weeks to give it time to breathe but it’s so hard when I just wanna throw myself into it. Not like there’s much else to throw into? Well, there’s the HTT stories I am working on. SO far so cool. Did 4. Will do a few more next Thurs with Dan. It’s so much easier to do with someone!  I know. I wanted a project I could do alone. For me by me. But the reality is it’s a collaborative art for a reason and even if there’s one person there it’s better and less lonely. STAY POSITIVE! So to cheer myself up I outlined and am apparently writing more erotica! This time it’s just silly and ridiculous, kind of sophomoric goofball porn. It makes some laugh. My friends, if that’s all it does it’s everything. Oh quick note: I reviewed a tarot deck n they liked what I wrote and gave me another. How cool is that?

Dreaming of a dry-eyed day When it wouldn’t be too much or so close to rim’s tension honored. To fly. I am supposed to fly wet feathers drowned 50 gallons seems so unfair One day we’ll laugh and when we do it sounds hollow and feels fallow and fake. Tossing off and covers too the sun eager for my playfulness  the moon too  All the too’s. I doubt, seriously doubt one day I won’t cry, or even need to or even hold it back a day it doesn’t occur to me to strive and seek reason to stand on dry land. I simply stand. I dream of that dry-eyed day.


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