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8 Jun

Saddle, back in it, sort of, yes, definitely, I think,

USHOk so June, huh? I’m back and figuring out my summer. We just finished June’s pride show Art Out! It was great. Hot as hell but great! May was nuts prepping that show and seeing my nephew AJ off to his next adventure. Also I think I needed downtime. I finished 3 Numbers and the Mo-mo rewrite, now entering notes from the Tom meeting, which was amazing! I also performed Medea piece. So, a lot of typing was happening AND a lot of thinking. I dropped the ball on Coriander. I decided I needed to write a short story for him but all my ideas are long, so I’m rethinking it. No one publishes long on going pieces apparently. Oh well,I still just do him for me! I am considering Knot Now again. I can’t let it go so we shall see. Also the Sarah Sucker thing is tapping on my shoulder. As is Sassy Scarf. I want to do all of them BUT I have stay focused on Mo-mo. I want the show it be…well saying good sounds stupid..I want it to be an achievement. Is that weird?

I am concerned if I don’t completely focus on making Mo-mo happen it will not be an achievement of the sort I want, simply a good/fun show I did. Which is too an achievement. I am talking in circles. I think I know what I mean. It occurs to me hanging out at Urban Social House cafe trying to think about what I should work on is such a luxury! Again I am blessed, but again, so many ideas make my brain hurt. It’s like: thanks Muses thanks Goddess, I don’t dare ask for less but could it slow down???? Ha! As if. WHo would I be if not that weird writer with too many ideas I also came up with an awesome idea for Loki as a Fosse piece! Halloween???


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