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23 Oct

Full of it! (from Patreon)

Sorry I missed September. My new Patreon account is a lot of work. And the post there are pretty much like my posts here. I don’t want to screw this up so for the next few months I’m double posting! (SLUT!) I mean I think, believe, want there to be a difference between the two sites but right now they’re pretty much “stuff I’m working on, have worked on, will work on…” And just let me say WAIT till you see what Dan and I are doing: Public performance ritual rock and roll! And this form someone who HATEs labelling everything! HA! Anyway here’s the post from Patreon:

I am in full edit mode! (The Elf-story needs some love and attention.)
I am in full discovery mode! (Half-tongue is exploding with new ideas!)
I am in full fruition mode (making plays played in 2019)
I am in full recovery mode (The NYC event kicked my ass this year)
I went to see Aida at the MET and sat like 6th row! My friend Louis (pictured) who took me (thanks) is sort of cynical. He was like: he could have been the king of Egypt and instead he chose her? WTF!?!?! I laughed and explain it’s a LOVE story where LOVE is more important than anything. And he rolled his eyes. I laughed again and said this is probably why you are rich and I am not! Then I got to thinking….. I could be sososososo richer if I didn’t need to LOVE what i do and am. If I chose to ignore gifts and talents and art I could just make shit ton of money doing many different things but I wouldn’t LOVE them. Which makes me Radames, not that I plan on suffocating to death in a tomb or anything, but I get to be the hero. And I think I just realized how important that is to me. Wow I am full of me! ha ha

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