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26 May

Tech week…it’s sweetly, always, the same

So next Tuesday is my tech for the fringe!!! I’m not nervous or anything. We are so fucking ready it’s sort of ridiculous. I mean if anything I’m concerned how unconcerned I am!! I hope tix sell well. I really want people to see it! I have to say getting a grant makes everything so much easier! At some point i need to do a year planner of where I’m going with this next!! I wonder how the 60 min version will be? I finished The Third. Why did I write that again? Obsess much LeBarron? H ah ha it’s done it’s funny. I will probably never do anything with it! But then again… who friggin’ knows! The pic of AJ and I has nothing to do with this post: So there! Yes I’m rambling….

David LeBarron
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