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16 Jun

Casting Comedy Magick

NA_image2 Oh wait what’s going on? What’s happening? People are laughing? Oh snap! That’s right I’m doing a comedy! Seriously this is what went through my head at the last show! It’s been a while since I did an out and out comedy. Just on stage being silly. Don’t get me wrong there’s some sweet moments but yea: funny! We, that means me, are such comedy snobs. Somewhere we got told, and I think before acting class so I can’t blame them, that drama is more important or more artistic than comedy. Like somewhere in my brain examining the human condition is more relevant when crying. How stupid is that! This isn’t so much a post as much as I want to write this down so I remember: one of the greatest gifts that was bestowed upon me, and for which I practice daily gratitude, is my sense of humor. I miss being a clown. Making people laugh is the best magick EVER! I need to cast more spells.


David LeBarron
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