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4 Jun

Tech week not for the weak!!!

CGd0yx8UgAAmoPtI love this pic a lot! First of all if you haven’t gotten tickets yet WTF?!?!?! Get them now!!!!! Ok that wasn’t supposed to sound as angry as it did 🙂 I’m not super concerned with tickets sales YET more concerned with music changes I am trying to keep up with! The play is pretty funny. It’s nice doing something ridiculous and silly. We’re just having fun and singing some cool songs; it’s as simple as that. Hopefully I can post us singing soon. Am I stressed? Kind of. But stressed in a good thespian way not tyrannical producer way. In other things: Still writing Magoge. It’s really dark. Sometimes I can’t work on it cause I just can’t get that down ya know? But it’s still streaming on Fantastical fiction. Where you can also buy my ebook Coriander:Orders of Blood. (I’ve been taking out some ad space we shall see if that = sales. This is all so new to me!!!!) AND this new bulletin: Andrew and I are going legit! Non profit here we come!! So excited about this news!!! Ok back to listening to my vocal tracks a thousand times before Tuesday 🙂

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