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23 Nov

Gratitude as a verb

2020 is making it hella hard to be thankful. But yet, as they tell us: it could be worse. Yea but it could be a lot better! LOL Yes it could be both but the level of have and have nots have little to do with gratitude. It’s a state of being. Existing in a space of grace and thanks.  It is not friggin easy (especially after some asshole clipped my side mirror. no damage but dude watch where you’re going!) I shot a short for my acting class Go On Now. It was super fun. My purple bead can attest to that!  I am at 62k+ words with Folly! And I thought it was gonna be like 35!! Ha! They story is a tad repetitive. I’ll fix it. I always do. The story is reaching a cool climax. The first of three battles. Yea ok Tolkien I know.Of it ain’t broke?  I got a wonderful note, below, from Angela saying An Elf to Live For made her sick friend laugh. It made me cry!  So very cool! It filled up my soul! I don’t need to sella million copies or get excellent reviews, that was enough for me. ALSO I think I’m in the right frame of mind to illustrate TITI. I  might have faith in the world again? We shall see. I’m also working on a trilogy of Viking porn because why-not?

This is a somewhat short post because I really want to get back to once a month posts. AND back to exercise plan. It all runs away so fast! Diligence! I mean I literally can’t do everything so I do something. Right? If we each do something? Our little part of the world is a little better? I still don’t know all I’m grateful for and I’ll try to be grateful for what I’ve learned during this pandemic but for now I’m just gonna be grateful for gratitude! It saved my life years ago. I am much blessed with health, friendships, enough to pay my bills, an apartment, an office, the Gods, and all the many gifts I have! There. OK? Happy Thanksgiving. Can I be glum now?

David LeBarron
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