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2 Apr

Hosting with the mosting

Winner2I haven’t hosted a party in quite a while. When Beto asked me to host the Kylie Minogue Cd release party I was like “ummmm if you need me to?” It’s not that I dislike Kylie or anything, but most know my musical taste kind of stop in 1979. 🙂  Anyway being a person who says yes I said..well, yes. It was so much fun! I came up with trivia, Kylie’s kind of awesome btw, and we had the obligatory walk off. The only problem was these kids don’t know what a walk off is. Begrudgingly I had to demonstrate. I channeled a young, skinny, me in the 90’s at the Roxy and BAM I walked that runway. Which is ridiculous but all thew cheer sand laughter made my night.  Here’s two more pics. One of the NYC kids who won the walk off and the other is what I wore. (I tired to dress hipster-adjacent )


David LeBarron
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