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28 Feb

Winter is coming..oh wait it’s over

meandfirstgraderssmall So yes I did not post last two months. Oooopps. I have reasons stop yelling at me! I was waiting to announce my ebook Coriander: Orders of Blood BUT it’s still not ready and looks like it’ll be another 4 weeks AFTER I finally upload it. Uhg. So I will stop waiting for that news. On a lighter side LOTS has been happening. Nerd Anarchy is written and ready! The songs are awesome! Working with Will and Dan Awesome! SO excited to play and be silly! The play actually has a bit more heart than it originally did.As the plot unfolds andI get to know the characters, they have a life and needs and goals so the zany ridiculous becomes empowering and sweet, sweetly empowering? I did not post about taking tango is South America because I lost my phone and my friends have yet to give me photos so perhaps later this year???? This picture is of me telling some stories, including When Carrots Ruled the World to my Mrs. Ritch’s first grade class. Honestly, so well behaved and smart!!! Loving life 🙂

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