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12 Nov

Make Art. Stop Crying.

Uhg what a week!!! I was in Vegas with my Mom and and cousin Christie when the news went down. I stifled tears. I drank a ridiculous amount of vodka. In the morning I was hung over and sad. We saw Wayne Newton, who is an awesome storyteller, I laughed even though only a few hours earlier I thought I’d never laugh again. On the drive home I actually cried and thought I can’t. I cannot do it again. I have been protesting since the 80s. It never gets better I can’t do it anymore. let them win. I’m out. Not my bravest or proudest moment.

Turns out I was not alone in that thinking. Many people just curled up wounded and wept. But Friday, a mere 3 days after the election, I was lying in bed and I said get the fuck up. Brush your fucking teeth. Reformat your fucking play you have rehearsal on Wednesday. Now more than ever you have to create. So I did. (I also renewed my marijuana card cause….) Creating art is what I do. It defines me.They can never take that away from me. Only I can do that. I am still not happy. I am terrified for my beautiful country. But what makes my country great is my voice, all of our voices, and I will not be silent. So stop crying, get out of bed and make some mother fucking art.

David LeBarron
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