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14 Nov

Brewing post-Halloween

Witches Cackle Here! Once again performing at Club Witch for Haloween WAS AMAZING!!!! You stand there and a few hundred kids are just screaming with you! So empowering. Can't wait to write the one for next year!!! Speaking of witchy powerfulness: Dan Shanna and I have created Witch Club! We get together once a month and practice the arts! Or at least do exercises of the arts. Visualizations. Prayer. Focus. Intentions. It's been good for me. AND I'm not running it so I don't feel overwhelmed. We each do 20 minutes. So it's cool. It's helping me clear away art time too. I have been overwhelmed at work occasionally but now I am taking better reigns and carving out me...
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15 Mar

Achilles in the Fringe?

I have 2 weeks left to decide. Ancient bawdiness in H-wood? I think it'd be a lot of fun. I think it'd be a lot of work. On the good side the scripts sounds amazing! That feeling a writer gets when his speech drips off the many tongues of a speaker. Like you didn't write the word. You're just a secretary taking dictation from someone infinitely cooler. All the research, hour of lattes, and cramped fingers disappears in the veil. So Hollywood Fringe or not I've got something....
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