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2 Oct

Stories in the air

1604827_10152363667020732_6062920627771954108_n These are some pics of me performing at the Adonis Project! It was a very very HOT night and I mean that in every sense of the word! We melted and we were super sexy! And YES that red pic is of me sitting naked on stage. It was a first for me. It was really freeing and kind of beautiful. (Of course I was followed by a really naked guy who is extremely fit so there was a moment of body weirdness BUT just a moment.:) I spoke of Adonis, the God, and his death and renewal and my almost death and renewal in a club in the 90’s. I never thought I’d tell that story to anyone let alone a room full of 200 + people. It was kind of special and awesome. I have been telling a lot of personal stories recently. It’s been a mazing. I write and rewrite them every day. I thought it’d be scary but it’s so freeing. I thought I was betraying someone but I was only betraying myself by silence. I thought I’d be giving away power but I became stronger.

I’m off to the desert for some Goddess Love Time (which will now forever be GTL) and then I have a show for Paradise Launch Party and then for Dirty Hour and Susana Lee! ( I LOVE HER!) and then even more after my yearly NYC Harambee trip for Kageno! I am so grateful and feel such strength and peace for all these opportunities to grow and share, even from telling the really silly ones like why I’m a gay unicorn!



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