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30 Dec

Happy New Year!!!!

Ahh I love turns of the wheel! It makes you think about all the amazing things you’ve accomplished and new adventures awaiting! Wicca Please is in full pre-pro mode, so, ouch, I’m already exhausted 🙂 And yes, I will be self-publishing a new work this year. I’m just not totally sure which one I’m going to do. I’m heavily leaning towards “Good for 1 Fr” which is about a boy who one day dares to dream. But man it’s sort of a bummer opening. We’ll see. There’s always Baby Brow which makes me smile. I think almost all my stories make me smile…which makes it difficult to pick one to “do.” I guess if they aren’t making me happy what would be the point? Ahh now there’s a lovely thought with which to enter 2012! Peace to all inside and out. And oh yea…dare to dream!

David LeBarron
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