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Magick Users run the government, heal the sick and are priests to the Goddess who blesses them. And yet, they have been rendered useless in the face of an unknown murderous fiend. Covered in blood, Coriander and Vushi, lowly magick school apprentices, are cleaning up the ghastly remains of a slaughtered farmer and his family. No one, not even the master-Magi, can figure out who or what is responsible for this terrible deed.

Coriander is sent to warn Madraceas, a nearby town, but he is too late. They have all been slaughtered. Wandering the empty, silent town, Coriander prays for answers. Magick leads him to a clue – a terrified young boy alone and hiding in the carnage. When the true murderer is revealed every precaution is taken but swords and magicks fail against this mighty foe. Can anyone prevent this seemingly unstoppable monster from killing again? Can clever Coriander save them all?

Travel back to the Bronze Age where harpies, minotaurs, and other cruel monsters battle pre-Hellenistic Gods and their mortal heroes. Where magick wielding warriors protect towns from sea raiders and mountain Scavengers. Where ghosts, faeries and nymphs bless or destroy roads, homes and the helpless. And where a young man learning this magick is just trying to get through school. He has an extraordinary gift…for getting into trouble. His name is Coriander and these are his stories.

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